ÉKR, the app that tracks work hours for Quebec’s construction workers

An app that makes life easier!

Kiss those overflowing piles of paperwork goodbye! ÉKR is your new virtual filing cabinet. It’s the industry’s highest-performing app and it lets you check the hours noted by your employer against the hours you actually worked. Quite handy when you need to put together a pay complaint.

Your work deserves to be paid fairly!

In 2023 alone, workers recovered $23 million in hours that employers failed to declare. CSD Construction developed a smart app to help you:

  • Track the hours you work and the distance you travel (mileage)
  • Save your receipts and other supporting documents
  • Check the hours declared to the CCQ by your employer

To get all these benefits, just activate the automatic time entering feature and you’re done!

2 easy steps to go digital

  1. Download the ÉKR app.
  2. Activate your account by completing the registration form.

Got questions? Contact the tech support team by selecting the Besoin d’aide tab in the app. We’ll be happy to help you!

Download the ÉKR app