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You work hard all year long. Sometimes in rough conditions. In summer and in winter, you weather all nature throws at you. The CSD Construction recognition program salutes your strength by giving you an article of clothing with your union’s logo every year.

Our popular hooded sweatshirt is available for Fall 2023 with green drawstrings. It’s offered free to our members who’ve worked over 200 hours. Members who worked less than that will get a substantial rebate: 50%-75% depending on your declared hours.

Visit our shop to order your item. You can also order extra clothing items at 50% off.

Other CSD Construction-branded items

CSD Construction provides members with various items including helmets, t-shirts, a union notebook. To get yours, visit your regional office or call us at 1 866 899-1029.

For more information about the discounts you’re entitled to or to see what promo items are available, visit the shop or contact us.

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