MÉDIC Construction

The private insurance plan for construction workers

As soon as you hit 300 hours of work at the CCQ in a reference period, you’re eligible for the MÉDIC Construction insurance plan. Your coverage will vary based on how many hours you worked during the reference period, and might include includes:

  • Health insurance: medication, dental care, hospitalization
  • Wage loss (disability) insurance
  • Life and accidental dismemberment insurance

Your MÉDIC Construction coverage depends on on how many hours you worked in a reference period:

Reference periodInsurance period
End of February to end of AugustJanuary 1 to June 30
End of August to end of FebruaryJuly 1 to December 31

The principle is simple. The more hours you register, the better your protection plan.

Basic protection applies as soon as you reach 300 hours. However, you must accumulate 750 hours to obtain full coverage (A). Some trades offer additional protections.

Number of hours required per reference period

Insurance planNumber of hours requireds
Plan A750 hours
Plan B600 hours
Plan C450 hours
Plan D300 hours

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Your MÉDIC Construction card

Your MÉDIC Construction card lets you know which coverage plan you have and the number of hours accumulated in your bank. It also makes it possible to pay a percentage of your medical costs directly, for example:

  • Medication at the pharmacy
  • Hospital fees
  • Dental fees

For more information on payment of medical fees, to report a change of address, or to get a new MÉDIC Construction card, visit the Commission de la construction du Québec website.

Remember to cover all your family members by filling out the Déclaration ou mise à jour d’une personne à charge form.

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