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See incentives for women in the construction industry

Women have had priority access to construction sites since 2015. Thanks to the Programme d’accès à l’égalité des femmes (PAEF), over 40 measures have been implemented to help integrate women and promote mixed-gender construction sites.

Quick and easy access to construction sites

  • Competency certificates valid for 2 years with no job guarantee requirement for women who hold diplomas. This measure can be used one time in your career. You need to work at least 150 hours with one or more employers during this period to be able to renew your competency card.
  • Women without diplomas who have a guarantee from an employer for 150 hours of work over 3 months can access job sites as soon as the labour pools are lower than 30%.
  • Enhanced mobility across the province. Women in the construction industry can work anywhere in Quebec once they’ve logged at least 500 hours with their employer.
  • Priority applications for women when a position opens on the site.

Priority access for training and upskilling activities.

  • 10% of spots in trainings are reserved for women.
  • Automatic registration for the course Cours de connaissance générale de l’industrie de la construction.

The “Femmes en entreprise” training program

This training is for women who are new to the instrusty and her teammates. It helps:

  • Improve the integration of women in their workplace
  • Enrich her knowledge and apprenticeship with a journeyperson/mentor
  • Equip teammates
  • Prevent workplace discrimination

Construction trades are for women too

CSD Construction is an inclusive union that promotes mixed-gender construction sites. Our staff are trained on best practices for integrating women and we offer training that gives workers the tools they need to be proactive in preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Our team protects the rights of women workers and fights to ensure they have a healthy and safe work environment.

Get in touch with us for answers to your questions and to use our personal support services.

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