The Commission de la construction du Québec

Responsible for enforcing the collective agreements of the construction industry

The Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) ensures compliance with the Act Respecting Labour Relations, Vocational Training and Workforce Management in the Construction Industry (R-20) and collective agreements. It also oversees the administration of the benefits plan and the training of the workforce.

The CCQ contributes to the development of the construction industry by working closely with trade unions and employer associations, as well as all industry stakeholders.

The construction industry at a glance

In 2021, the construction industry had more than 190,437 active workers across the 4 sectors of construction activity.

The construction industry is also:

  • 26,574 active employers;
  • A total payroll of $8.7 billion;
  • $67 billion in private and government investment.

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